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We're Here To Help You To Be a Professional Golfer

Learn directly from certified PGA Indonesia Coach. Our Golf coaches are also trained in club fitting, so our clients play with the correct specification.

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Reasons Why People Choosing Us!

Certified by PGA indonesia
22+ Years Experience
Simple Methods
Varieties of Drills
Indoor & Outdoor Lessons
Located in Strategic Area

We Provide Professional Golf Services

Golf Training

We provide golf lesson for beginners, intermediate and professional that will be trained by International level coach.

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Golf Event

We host various golf events regularly with our community.

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Golf Shop

We have anything to support your game. We are available at Tokopedia. Go get it now!

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Golf Workshop

Customize your favorite golf kit, you can build what ever you want. Only limited by your imagination.

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Meet Our Professional Coaches

Aditya Eduardo Harjanto, AA.
Technical Director
Aditya Eduardo Harjanto, AA.

Technical Director

Anggun Prawira Wiharja
Professional Golf Coach
Anggun Prawira Wiharja

Professional Golf Coach

What People Say About Our Golf Training

I'm sure everyone has gone through time when they have struggled with their golf game. Golf lessons have helped me get out of my comfort zone, build confidence, and improve my ability to hit many different golf shots. Those are the reasons golf lessons have helped me with my game. I believe a good coach can guide everyone to be better as a person.

I want to thank Extraspinz Golf DOJO for helping me improve my golf game drastically. Coach Aditya Eduardo (Edo) really helped me become an overall better golfer.


As someone with zero experience in golf, I went to my first lesson expecting coach Edo to teach me "the correct swing" right from the start. I expected clear "yes/no/that's right/that's wrong " answers to my questions, but of course that didn't happen. My first golf lesson was about patience & to be ok with making mistakes.

When it comes to techniques, coach Edo's training is tailored to my learning style & physical capacity as a new golfer. He trains me to be an independent golfer, Extraspinz doesn't offer Pocket Edition Edo to bring to the course. It took me some time to accept that golf really is a lifelong journey that requires lots of patience and practice. But I'm glad I'm in it with coach Edo & Extraspinz. Mr. Edo is a coach. Don't come here if you're looking for just another golf instructor. - SHANNON SUBENO

There are many ways to learn about golf. While here with coach Edo, he is able to explain and elaborate the theory and science behind golf, especially the mechanics of the swing and the impact of the club. - With the combination of his credentials, knowledge, and science, I am able to study and understand more not only on how to swing a golf club but also the reason why it works. My sessions with coach Edo were well spent and make me better at the game of Life - Golf. - NESHA AURA

I have been going to Mr. Edo for over 2 years. He is very patient and always manages to get me back on track. He is very good at identifying the specific issues that lead to a problematic swing and gives me the drills to correct them. Plus, he's got such cool personality you just couldn't miss the world for!

My lessons with coach Edo were productive and increased my capability to play better golf. The performance classes that i attended helped me with my short game as well as building confidence in my golf game. Ultimately i would recommend Extraspinz to any golfer beginner or not to attend lessons/classes with coach Edo.